Catamaran for Teenagers

Summer camp • Teenagers

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Discover the thrill of sailing on a multi-hull with English-speaking instructors!

Catamaran 10-12 year olds / 12-14year olds

The CNPA has two types of fast and versatile catamarans for teens:

  • the New Cat 10.5 (the gold-standard of catamarans for 10-12year olds)
  • the Erplast S (for 12-14year olds ).

These multi-hulls are perfect for beginners and the more advanced.

What’s more

Enjoy invigorating and fun (yet technical) outings during this catamaran camp. You will love navigating on the crystal blue waters of Lesconil’s bay.

General objectives

  • Basic navigation techniques specific to catamarans (propulsion, sail adjustment, tiller, balance)
  • Knowledge of the environment and safety measures (righting/capsizing, tides and weather)
  • Learning to sail in a flotilla and going on outings
  • Rigging, handling and maintenance of a racing catamaran for the more experienced sailors


Lesconil’s Teen Catamaran Camp for 10-14 year olds , enables kids to experience speed right from the beginning (in utmost safety of course).

Équipements recommandés

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  • Booties *

  • Cap

  • Wetsuit

  • Windbreaker

  • Sun lotion

  • Sunglasses

  • Towel

  • Matériel

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    cours collectifs