Summer camp • 10-year olds and older (for 10 year olds , teenagers and adults)

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Surfing and fun on a windsurf with an English-speaking instructor!

Using boards and sails that are adapted to all sizes, the CNPA’s Windsurf Camp offers the true sensation of gliding over the water.

Introduction and fun…enjoy !

What’s more

Thrills are guaranteed on the crystal blue waters of Lesconil, from the rocks of Skividan to the buoy of Karek Greiz, all in utmost safety.

General objectives

  • find your balance
  • learn to raise and lower the sail
  • appreciate the different speeds and know how to navigate (and turn around to return to shore!)
  • for the more experienced windsurfer, perfect your skills (using ha harness, footstraps and participating in regattas)


Windsurf Camp in Lesconil, for 10-year olds and older is the idyllic spot and perfect activity for thrill seekers.

Recommended Equipments

* sold in store at the CNPA
  • Wetsuit

  • Windbreaker

  • Booties *

  • Change of clothes

  • Sunglasses

  • Cap

  • Sun lotion

  • Towel

  • Snack

  • Matériel

  • À la carte ou
    cours collectifs