Nautical and outdoor center
of Lesconil

About the club

The CNPA is a 1901 club.

Created in 1984 by a group of sailing friends, the CNPA’s mission is to open water sports to the greatest number of the public to make it accessible to all.

The club

The Saturday fun club meets in the afternoon and uses high-quality equipment (windsurf, catamaran, kayak, optimist, stand-up paddle…) in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


  • FEES: 8€ CNPA membership fee per year September-August
  • SATURDAY FEE: 12€ each outing
  • GEAR PROVIDED: you may be able to borrow a wetsuit
  • DOCUMENTS: General Sales Conditions. and Cancelation Insurance 8€

September to November and March to June

The group of administrators

The club’s group of administrators made up of volunteers who are elected by the board of directors.

  • President : Pilgram Kerdraon Fabienne
  • Vice-President : Bodilis Philippe
  • Treasurer: Nicolas Erwan
  • Vice Treasurer: Le Coq Le Bivic Marie
  • Secretary: Merle Philippe
  • Vice Secretary: Le Bivic Gurvan


board of directors

The board of directors is made up of volunteers who are elected at each general assembly

  • CHARTIER Thierry
  • LANNIEL Frédéric
  • DEBARRE François,
  • KERDRAON Gilles
  • LAUTREDOU Alban,
  • LASSERRE Marine,
  • LELAY Franck,
  • MOREL Benoit
  • QUINIOU Patrick


Plus two members of the municipal government (who have an advisory role)

  • Le Loch Pascal
  • Cossec Bertrand

Be part of the club

Do you want to participate in the life of the CNPA ? Give a hand during different events (parties, outings, winter storage prep…) ?

Do you want to be a member ?

Do you want to be part of the board of directors?

Nothing’s easier

Give us a call or send us an email,
by e-mail,
by phone +33 2 98 87 89 43


Contact us

A natural and preserved site

The CNPA Lesconil is ideally located between the port and the beach, in the heart of the village. It allows access on foot to all the activities and entertainment throughout the year. Your playground extends over the 2 nautical miles of Lesconil cove: an exceptional body of water from Skividan to the Les Bleds buoy.

You can tack or long runs between Reissant and Kareik Krez, with the Glénan archipelago in your sights! Jewel of the Bigouden coast, the bay of Lesconil is the 100% natural setting for your nautical activities.


The Ster, the dunes of the Sables Blancs, the Roches Risten, the Enizan:

A dream setting

to exercise and recharge your batteries between land and sea. Without forgetting, of course, the exceptional fauna and flora of this little corner of paradise: terns, gulls, ducks, coots, salt marshes in Obione…


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